ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson says they’re still searching for answers after 29 inmates and two employees were taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning.

“It is a very scary thing that happened,” says Sheriff Watson.  “We had multiple inmates that were experiencing nausea [and] light headedness along with two of my employees that were assigned to working in the jail that night.”

Sheriff Watson says they first noticed a problem when the jailers were doing a medicine call before bed Thursday night.

“It’s very scary because there is no odor,” says Sheriff Watson. 

He says no alarms or detectors went off as a warning.  

The state health department sent an inspector and the county is working with several agencies to figure out what went wrong with the system and how to prevent anything like this from happening again.  

Sheriff Watson says he’s just glad everyone is okay.  “I personally believe it could’ve been a lot worse.”

The inmates and employees were treated and released from the hospital within a few hours.  One inmate was kept overnight for observation but has since been released. 

All 47 inmates are currently being housed at other facilities until the problem is resolved.