FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Archer Whetstone is a fun-loving 2-year old boy who is need of a kidney donation.

Archer’s parents, Beau and Lynsi Whetstone, said he is an energetic and rambunctious child.

“He’s always happy it doesn’t matter what he’s been through, he’s cherry and happy,” Lynsi Whetstone said.

Beau Whetstone said Archer was born with very small kidneys that didn’t function well.

“Essentially they didn’t work and when they did a little, it caused more issues than it fixed, so he had his kidneys completely removed,” Whetstone said.

Archer has been through countless surgeries and procedures since he was born. He relies on dialysis every day. The family travels to Little Rock twice a week for hemodialysis and the other days Archer does peritoneal dialysis at home.

“He relies on a machine to keep him alive, we’re restricted to our house for 14 hours a day,” Lynsi Whetstone said.

Now Archer is in need of a living kidney donor. His parents aren’t eligible to donate so they are on the search for someone who could be Archer’s match. He needs an adult kidney from someone more petite, Beau Whetstone said. You need to be 18-65 years old and have blood type O to donate. If you’re interested in seeing if you are a match, visit this link. You can also follow along Archer’s journey through his Facebook page.

Despite all he is gone through in his life, his parents said he continues to be a light.

“He just runs and plays and has a great time,” Beau Whetstone said.