LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The little dog that nobody wanted, who had given up hope and was left alone to suffer, living in a wet, freezing mattress, is now the dog that over 300 families are asking to adopt into their homes.

It was just 40 degrees and raining on Thanksgiving, when Pulaski Co. Sheriff Deputy Terri Nichols responded to a call of a dog who looked to be suffering.

Upon arrival, Nichols discovered the skeletal, shivering pup had also been eating the mattress materials to survive.

The dog, who is now named Blue, was reunited briefly with the Nichols Tuesday, for some heart-warming cuddles.

Blue has gained some weight since then and his sores are beginning to heal, but he is still being treated by Chenal Valley Animal Hospital and is in the custody of Southern Hearts Kennel and Rescue.

Rescue director Whitney Morrison, who responds to animals in trouble throughout Arkansas, says Blue’s heart-breaking story is all too common.

Since Blue’s story hit social media last week, Morrison is now faced with reviewing over 300 applicants, to select the best and loving home for Blue.