St. Vincent Heartbeat: Valve Replacement

Onewoman says the procedure saved her life.

“Theonly way I was going to live was with this surgery.”

DenisePoynter was having trouble breathing. She thought it may have beenlung problems, but it turned out to be her heart.

Herparticular issue was that the valve that connects the heart to therest of the body which is the aoritic valve was getting very tightand that prevented blood from going from the heart to the rest of thebody. Right now, we have a new technology that enables patients withthis severe type of aortic synopsis to get a valve replacementthrough the artery in the groin.”

Dr.Srinivas Iyengar is the cardiologist at Bradenton Cardiology Centerwho performed this new procedure called transcatheter aortic valvereplacement, or TAVR.

Thisvalve is deployed on a balloon, into the old valve so we basicallycrush the old valve with one of the newer valves.”

Poynteris breathing better and has a fresh outlook.

Iused to get pains there, you know, when the blood would pump and Iwould have pains in my heart. But I don’t have them anymore.”

Dr.Iyengar says heart disease is something women of all ages should knowabout.

Itis the number 1 killer for women in the U.S. right now. So really becognizant of your family history.

Andanybody who is struggling like I struggled, and not knowing what myproblem was, is to have your heart checked. I highly recommend thatto anybody.

Doctorssay the procedure has special health requirements and is usuallyreserved for high-risk patients. The aortic valve costs about$30,000.

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