Special Report: Pope Co. girl reclaiming her life thanks to her service animal

Special Reports

POPE COUNTY, Ark.- A Pope County high school junior was forced to drop out of school after crippling seizures took over her life.

Mackenzie Posik said she was fine one day then having 60 seizures the next.

Her entire life was flipped upside down and she couldn’t even leave the house. Until a special friend changed everything.

“It’s been a miracle, I’m actually right now having a seven-day streak with no seizures,” said Mackenzie Posik, Junior.

Mackenzie walks the halls of Russellville High School with her miracle-worker, Kobe.

“I love him to death, he’s my son. He’s actually saved my life,” said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie suffers relentless seizures brought on by stress.

Her parents didn’t know where to turn, enter Kobe.

“We tried meds, different med combinations, nothing was working. She would seize 50 to 60 times a day. All she could do was eat, sleep, seize,” said Rebecca Posik, Mackenzie’s mother.

Mackenzie’s mom, Rebecca, is a nurse.

She worries about Mackenzie’s quality of life.

“She was a 16-year-old girl at the time who couldn’t go to the movies with her friends, who couldn’t go get ice cream, couldn’t play outside,” said Rebecca.

On January 8, 2019, Mackenzie had her first seizure at school, by the end of the day she’d suffer 50 more.

“I was taken out of school in January because I became a safety issue,” said Mackenzie.

This continued every day for three months.

“She couldn’t go out in public it was too dangerous,” said Rebecca.

Then they found Kobe in a litter of puppies.

“Kobe, right here actually alerted to me the first day I met him and after that, he was my dog,” Mackenzie recalled. “He got really curious and about five minutes later I was down on the ground shaking.”

“The day we brought him home, she didn’t seize. The next day after we brought him home, even as a 16-week-old puppy we took him out to eat. He alerted in the restaurant, she had a petty mal seizure in the restaurant and she hadn’t ever had a petty mal to that day,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca says Kobe is the miracle they’ve been searching for.

The Posik’s dog trainer, Lucas Bishop says Kobe is a Godsend.

“It’s easy to train a dog for drugs, its easy to train a dog for find somebody but its hard to train a dog to save someone’s life every second of every day and that’s exactly what Kobe does,” said Lucas Bishop, Service Dog Trainer.

With Bishop on their team, slowly life is falling back into place for Mackenzie.

She’s in school, she can go outside and now she has her sights set on the next big thing.

“Last year I was on the flag team, this year I was really heartbroken when I was told I can’t be,” said Mackenzie.

Mackenzie has been in Colorguard since 8th grade and her team even say’s shes the unofficial title holder for the highest toss.

“Band told me to just get out of band because I went down in a practice and it was not good,” said Mackenzie.

But she hasn’t given up.

In the spring, she plans to try out for the team with Kobe by her side.

Until tryouts, Kobe will be training every single day. Even working overtime with the flag so he is comfortable with the noises and all the distractions.

“My senior year will be great then if I’m able to be back in band because its something I love to do,” said Mackenzie.

“That’s freedom, that proves that what we did worked,” said Rebecca.

Mackenzie plans on joining the band again soon while continuing to train with Kobe every day until March, which is when she will be trying out for Colorguard for her senior year.

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