Special Report: Little Rock Pathology Lab on a global map

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January 01 2022 12:00 am

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Medical advances happen all over Arkansas, but one lab tucked away in West Little Rock is known globally for its work.

Arkana Laboratories is a world leader in renal pathology.

It sees hundreds of thousands of cases a year.

The group focuses on kidney disease that affects roughly 37 million Americans.

They attract the best and brightest medical professionals from all over the world but also work on cases that extend just as far.

“Our laboratory will process specimens that come from all over the country as well as internationally,” explained Doctor Zeljko Dvanajscak.

Dr. Dvanajscak said it is the lab’s specialized equipment that gives it the ability to receive a biopsy, read the sample and report back to doctor in under 24 hours. He went on to say that typically pathology results can take days even weeks which is why they are a hub for renal pathology and sought out among other labs.

“The kind of explosive thing growth of Arkana Laboratories was largely due to the fact that Dr. Walker really emphasized care for the patient getting that result back to the clinician treating the patient as rapidly as possible,” explained the lab’s Executive Director Dr. Chris Larson.

Dr.Larson also added that ability also attracts some of the best doctors to the state.

For example, Dr. Dvanajscak is from Croatia but chose Arkansas because of the specified work being done at Arkana Laboratories.

“The reason that people send to us from all over the country is because we are doing testing that very few laboratories do,” added Dr. Larson.

Both doctors said as long as the lab continues on the cutting edge of renal pathology, it will continue to attract medical talent to the natural state.


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