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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Influencer marketing is expected to become an $8 billion dollar a year business by 2020.

From the outside, it’s a world of beautiful people, scenery, food and travels, all picture perfect. But how real is it all? And what does it take to get into the business so many people dream of?

“You might not ever think all of the hours that go into this job,” says Jennifer Maune.

She works as an influencer in Little Rock, where she lives with her husband and five children. She discovered the thriving business of influencer marketing two years ago when she was blogging as a hobby.

“A business reached out to me and said, I love what you share on Instagram and your blog and we would like to partner with you and I thought, ‘oh my goodness, this is a thing,” she explains.

Jennifer has since gained nearly 115,000 followers on Instagram and represents brands like Mattel, Fisher Price, Lego, Minted and Disney World. She posts home designs, recipes for kids, travel and more. She says though, it’s actually a lot of work.

“When you look at what goes into just one post, there’s search engine optimization, there’s meta tags, they’re keywords, keyword research,” she continues.

One thing you’ll see on her page is her beautiful home, styled with brands she promotes on her feed, but for just one picture…

“There’s a lot that goes into just one blog post. I estimate 8-10 hours on one blog post,” Jennifer says.

The mother of five also has a dog, and white couches! We had to ask if her kids really live there.

“Actually if you look over there – there is blue crayon on the floor,” she points out.

Making mamas everywhere feel better, she also gives this advice for making your home camera-ready.

“Everything in this room is sprayed with Scotchguard. Everything is washable,” she says.

Another big question about the business we ask her is ‘Can you really make money?.’ Her answer. “Absolutely, this has become a six-figure business.”

While there is no set amount or figure, a recent report shows per 100-thousand followers, the average payment is $1,000 a post. That will of course, always vary.

The highest paid Instagram influencer is Kylie Jenner, with 149 million followers. She gets paid on average $1.2 million dollars for just one post.

And Maune says what she’s learned is it’s not about the number of followers you have. It’s all about engagement and posting what you’re passionate about.

“How do I define my own brand,” she says.

Maune’s influencer business has taken her all over the world and given her family amazing trips from the Great Wolf Lodge to the Turks and Caicos.

“There are certainly a lot of perks of this job,” she adds.

But how does she balance family time and the business of creating and posting?

“We really try to take an hour out of the day, shoot as much content as we can, so mommy can put her camera away and have memorable experiences,” she says.

Maune says she’s living her dream and she says since the world of influencer marketing is fairly new, it’s wide open and there are many opportunities for anyone to jump in. She’s so passionate about it she plans to open a social media consulting business in the next year to help others venture into the business.

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