Special Report: Arkansas native makes name for himself in MMA


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Bryce Mitchell is an Arkansas native who’s making a name for himself around the world. 

Mitchell grew up in Cabot and is currently a senior in Economics at Harding University in Searcy and ironically enough he’s also an MMA fighter who’s undefeated in the UFC. 

Bryce said, “I really fell in love with it and I found a sport I can compete at the highest level.”

When in the ring, Bryce has a unique nickname.  He goes by ThugNasty.

“My coaches say the name is kind of ironic, yeah I just think it’s funny. It adds to the show, it gets people talking about it, and it just gives me another way to just stand out from other people.”

Regardless of his name, his record is 11-0, something his trainer attributes to hard work and dedication. 

Roli Delgado said, “He goes against the grain.”

I didn’t originally think ‘oh my gosh’ this is the next big thing out of Arkansas, but in not too long a time he just kept training and training and he just never stopped getting better.”

In the middle of training, Bryce is still focused on graduating from college with a degree in Economics.  Why he choose this field of study is another layer of unique Arkansas fighter. 

“I choose economies because of my disdain for government, yeah just how much I truly hate our government.”
 “If it was up to me, the government would be run way different than it is, that people would actually have rights, we wouldn’t be taxed on everything.”

“I definitely take all my anger for the government out in the cage.”

Bryce is also planning on using this knowledge to build a better future for his family. 

 “I can’t wait to make some money and be able to help my mom out, because she doesn’t really believe that’s going to happen.”

Bryce Mitchell is no doubt an interesting Arkansas who’s making a big name for himself with every punch.

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