South Carolina Decision Fuels Confederate Flag Rally In Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS, AR — Confederate flag supporters in the natural state fear their flags and monuments are next to be taken down. A little more than 24 hours after South Carolina took the confederate flag down from it’s capitol, supporters rally in Hot Springs and across Arkansas.

Dozens of supporters crowded Confederate Memorial Park Saturday afternoon.

“I think our heritage is threatened,” said Supporter Bill Darnley.

Darnley said South Carolina’s decision to take down the confederate flag flying on the capitol grounds is an omen to what he feels could happen to this monument on Market and Central street.

“I feel like they’re gonna take them flags down like they took South Carolina’s flags,” said Darnley.

Supporters tied a black ribbon to their flag poles symbolizing the fall of South Carolina’s confederate flag.

“It’s a sad day in our nation when they come and take our heritage away from us,” said Support James Brock.

Opponents scrutinized a Little Rock street named Confederate Boulevard, but no where else has confederate flags or monuments been targeted to change.

Supporters say changes happening around the nation affect them here in Arkansas and say they will do everything they can to make sure this monument’s flag continues to fly.

“I fear all the flags will be took down…It’s heritage not hate,” said Darnley.

There has been no talk about taking the confederate flag down from Confederate Memorial Park. Supporters said they will hold more rallies throughout the summer months.

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