Son of Murdered Realtor Speaks

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Tuesday marks exactly two weeks since Pulaski County Sheriffs deputies discovered missing realtor Beverly Carter’s body in a shallow grave in Cabot.

Now her son Carl is speaking out about the accused suspect and how the family is coping.

“I hope and I pray that I will be able to forgive him,” says Carter.

Carl Carter Jr. is trying to find forgiveness while leaning on faith and family following the murder of his mother.

“We are clinging to every bit of normalcy that we can find,” says Carter.

It has been almost two weeks since the discovery of his mother’s body and the arrest of suspect Arron Lewis.

Prior to that, four days of searching by hundreds of volunteers around the home in Scott deputies believe she was taken from while showing a home.

“I was shocked and I am still shocked by the outreach of the community,” says Carter.

Even knowing his mother is in a better place, Carter says waiting on the trial and hopefully a conviction are just a few steps on the road to recovery.

“Eye for an eye, you did this and that should be done to you. There is a part of me that wants to still push for it as an example so people know you just can’t go attack innocent people,” says Carter.

Carter’s family is discussing the possible punishment if Lewis is found guilty in the kidnapping and murder of Beverly.

“If he did do it, I hope he is given the same mercy that he gave my mother,” says Carter.

He says they still have to wait weeks to learn what happened in the final moments of his mother’s life.

“As all this drags out and we find out what really happened that night it’s going to continue to stir up emotion and I’m sure I’m going to have a lot of things that I have to personally process,” he says.

Despite the pain, Carter tries to remain positive in honor of his mother.

“I want people to remember, to know that she was full of love and that she was a light,” he says.

Carter says Sunday was also difficult because it was the first time they have gone to church without their mother.

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