Solar house represents neighborhood’s Earth friendly vision


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The Pettaway neighborhood in Little Rock is taking steps toward becoming more environmentally friendly.

“The children’s book The Lorax has been very influential to my life and our line of thinking and developing this community,” says Mike Orndorff, who has built several homes in Pettaway.

The quote welcoming people to the neighborhood is “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better… it’s not.”

“That quote pretty well encapsulates the idea and the tone that we want to set with our neighborhood,” says Orndorff.

One of Orndorff’s latest project, this house on Bragg St. that runs entirely on solar, falls in line with those Earth friendly ideals.

“It will create more electricity than it uses,” says Orndorff.

The roof of the house is intentionally sloped toward the South. According to Orndorff, that’s the most efficient pitch. It’s also filled with solar panels that provide energy for more than just this home.

“Any surplus of electricity that the home produces, it would just go into the grid and maybe this home next door would be using that electricity,” says Orndorff.

“Solar energy is renewable energy,” says Jack Melvin, who also has solar panels on his house. “The sun comes up and goes down every day of the year.”

Melvin says sunny summer days are best for creating energy.

“You can sit there and watch your meter as it’s saying ‘I’m sending electricity back to you Entergy’,” says Melvin.

Orndorff built the solar house that he calls the gateway to the Pettaway neighborhood to his environmentally friendly standards. He says it’s the way of the future.

Right now in Pettaway there are seven homes that have solar panels.

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