Snag in search for missing mother nears resolution


HENSLEY, Ark. — More than years have passed since Kelly Stigar was last seen alive near a wooded area in Hensley.

“As much as I love controlling things, I couldn’t control this,” Lukas Remsing says.

Remsing was deployed in Africa when his mother, Kelly, went missing back in February 2017.

“She left her car keys at home, her wallet, her truck, and so it looks like she just walked out on foot,” Remsing says.

He says she was going through withdrawals because five days earlier, her prescription pain medicine was stolen at a Dollar General in Little Rock.

“No telling what her state of mind is,” Remsing says.

Remsing says the Saline County Sheriff’s Office searched around his mother’s house but came away empty, which was how he was feeling when he started looking for outside help.

“Even though with all these no’s, there is someone that said ‘yes,'” Remsing says.

The ‘yes’ came from Community United Effort, or CUE, a national non-profit that helps find missing people.

“When someone has this kind of pain and this kind of trouble in their life you want to help them,” David Sullivan says.

Sullivan is a coordinator with CUE in Illinois. They planned a search in Hensley earlier this year, but it was canceled. They didn’t get permission from a deer lease owned by Clear Creek Woodlands, LLC.

“They own like 5,000 acres right there on both sides of the road in the area where she was last seen,” Sullivan says.

They have a second search planned, and this time is looking more optimistic. After a few calls, we’ve learned the sign-off is in sight, and it’s a critical step Remsing needs to find closure.

“You know we’re just hoping for a blessing and get some results.”

Once the final sign off is complete, about 20 cadaver dogs and 40 volunteers will decend on that three mile area in Hensley.

They’re planning to search next month.

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