Update: Carthage without water for a week



CARTHAGE, Ark.- Things are starting to look up for the town of Carthage, AR which has been without water for almost a week.

The tiny volunteer firehouse has become the gathering place in town and cases of water are piling up from all around the state.

“I have 140 cases in my garage,” says Shane Preator, who lives in Little Rock.  “I  just got a call earlier to go pick up another 90 cases of water.”  Preator is one of many who has been collecting drinking water donations for the people of Carthage and the town definitely needs it because it has to last a long time. 

“They’re in this for the long haul.  This is not a quick fix,” says Dallas County judge, Clark Brent.   “This is going to be months.”

Over the weekend, tanker trucks started bringing in water to pump into the town’s water tank which feeds into people’s homes.  

“We are able to flush our toilets, [and] take showers,” says Renee Hollis, who lives in Carthage.  “[It’s] still not drinkable, but we’re thankful for that.”
Brent says the town received $100,000 in emergency funds which they will use to get a well driller on-site to get started. 

“I would say if we’re lucky [in] 16 weeks we’ll have a well and enough going where the National Guard doesn’t have to be here everyday pumping water,” says Brent.  

Until then the trucks are supplying the 25,000-30,000 gallons of water residents are using in a 24 hour period. 

“They’ve known their water system has been ‘iffy’ for quite a long time and it just happened to fail right now,” says Brent. 

City and county leaders are meeting with legislators and the governor to ask for funding to replace the system. 

Here’s a list of places you can drop off water:

  • Nutrition Bay (Landmark)
  • Arch Street Fire Department (Landmark
  • The Well (East End)
  • St. Vincent Walk-in Clinic (East End)
  • The Perfect Blend Coffee House (Sheridan)
  • Sheridan Dental
  • The entire Landmark and East End community


DALLAS COUNTY, Ark. – The town of Carthage receiving some good news after three days without water.

State officials met after the town’s water system went completely dry earlier this week.

The new plan is that water will be brought in, and treated and put in the old system to be pumped into people’s homes so that they can bathe and flush toilets.

Emergency funding has been allocated to the town also so they can start digging the new well on Monday.

Since Thursday they’ve received a tremendous amount of bottled water donations for drinking, but will continue to accept donations of drinking water.


DALLAS COUNTY, Ark. – The small town of Carthage* is without water.

Dallas County Emergency Management says a new well needs to be dug and it will take at least three months.

In the meantime, residents will depend largely on donations.

Officials say donations of bottled water can be taken to the Carthage Volunteer Fire Department.

*Population: 312 (2017 count)

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