Sherwood Tattoo Artist Offers to Cover Up Racist, Gang Ink for Free


Ink meets skin inside the Diamond State Tattoo Parlor in Sherwood.

“After Christmastime, the shop definitely gets busier,” tattoo artist, Nicholas Peirce says.

Peirce has been putting pen to person for more than seven years. And, now, Peirce is offering a special deal.

“Something to give back, in a way,” Peirce says.

Anyone who comes in looking to cover up a tattoo that’s racist or gang-related, Pierce will cover it up. Free of charge.

“I’ve covered up a lot of tattoos that were gang-related or racist in some way,” Peirce says.

Peirce announced his special offer on Facebook on Christmas night.

In his post , he says: “…Some people have been judged by a past bad decision or no longer want to represent the negativity they once did…I would like to help change that.”

“If somebody regrets something that they got, whether it’s 20 years ago or two years ago, I always try to make it happen,” Peirce says.

Peirce says the cost for a cover-up runs anywhere from $450 – $1,000, depending on size.

It’s a price he’s willing to pay, in hopes of painting a different social picture.

“I feel like doing this is really going to hopefully spark something in the community, in the tattoo community and maybe it will spread further than just me,” Peirce says.

Leaving a mark, in more ways than one.

Peirce plans to keep this offer valid forever. 

The Diamond State Tattoo Parlor is located on Kiehl Avenue in Sherwood.

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