SHERWOOD, Ark. – Many in the Sherwood community are left devastated following Friday’s tornado that swept through central Arkansas.

Dozens of homes are left with major damage, with homeowners and renters trying to pick up the pieces this week.

“You love your house… home sweet home for you,” homeowner Rose Sexton said. “You cannot take it with you.”

Sexton’s home was destroyed by the tornado. The roof is gone, and rooms inside the home are covered in debris and water.

Her husband died a few years ago, and his former bedroom was the one hit the hardest in the house.

Sexton said when the tornado rolled through, she was home alone and quickly taking cover in her closet. She said she was paralyzed in fear.

After it came through, police officers and firefighters came to her door to see if anyone was inside. She said she was still so distraught she couldn’t get her words out.

The only words she was able to utter were, “Good Lord… help!” Sexton walked away from the tornado with no injuries, but she is now without a home.

A few miles up the road, Jay Richards and his wife are dealing with their home that was heavily damaged.

Trees surrounding the house fell onto it, causing the front of it to nearly collapse.

“I’ve lived here 35 years…raised a couple of kids,” Richards said. “It has just been kind of traumatic.”

The back of Richards’ house is mostly unharmed, so the focus is on the front of the houses and getting trees and debris out of the way.

Richards said over the weekend, he saw hundreds of volunteers come to his house to help. Sexton said she also experienced people from all over the state coming to lend a helping hand.

They said this encouraged and humbled them both as they deal with the aftermath of the tornado.

“It was amazing,” Richards said. “There’s cars parked as far as you can see, both directions.”