Sewer agreement between Winchester and Dumas voted down


WINCHESTER, Ark. – Tempers flare following a meeting tonight in the town of Winchester where City Council members voted against The City of Dumas to collect it’s sewage.

The problem is that the town has never had a sewer system. People are saying that the smelly nuisance in the Drew County town is adding on more problems and they’re fed up.

The mayor of Winchester, Demetrous Trotter called Tuesday’s meeting a closed City Council meeting and wouldn’t let people ask questions.

This all relates to a contract between the city of Dumas and the town of Winchester saying that Dumas would collect sewage from the Winchester.

The only thing stopping the agreement is the mayors signature and tonight he said he wasn’t going to sign it.

Things quickly turned heated Tuesday night at the city council meeting in Winchester.

After the meeting was over a fight broke out.

“I think it’s disgusting I think it’s very upsetting for the community you see that crowd out her yelling and fussing for no reason wanting to put their hands on each other,” says Jacqueline Alexander.

People frustrated because the town of Winchester has never had a sewer system.

“When you flush the commodes and you come outside and look in your ditches waste is laying in the ditches,” says Jacqueline Alexander.

People say the on-going problem continues to grow even taking a toll on their health.

“We got a lot of people with breathing problems here stomach problems inhaling this,” says Jacqueline Alexander.

People in the town were hoping to get rid of stench with help from the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission.

A 3 million dollar grant would allow the City of Dumas to collect sewage from Winchester. A loan for 975,000 dollars would make improvements to the Dumas sewer system, but city council members voted the agreement down.

The mayor says he’s not signing the agreement.

I have no comment” the Mayor said.

“We need the sewer system the stuff that he was staying in there is not Even in the contract.”

People say they’re feed up with the smell situation.

“We’re not defeated this is not over with and I can assure you that these citizens will not out him back in office,” says Jacqueline Alexander.

People in Winchester also started a petition to remove the mayor from office.

The agreement expires next Wednesday on September 18.

The Natural Resources Commissions tells me if the agreement is not settled the funds will be de-obligated and Winchester will have to apply for a new loan.

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