Seller: Double check who you’re selling to on Facebook Marketplace


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A quick sale on Facebook Marketplace has become a big headache for one Little Rock seller.

Amy Ward says when she sold her antique Dodge Daytona earlier this year, it was in good condition. It had several new parts but like any 28 year old car, had its faults. She says now, it’s totaled.

“The battery is missing, and then you have the air filter missing,” she said.

“The only thing left in there is the engine.”

A frustrating outcome she says started online when she was trying to sell her car for a thousand dollars.

A buyer was interested, but couldn’t pay it all upfront.

“I was like, that’s fine, you know you can pay me off you know whatever you can whenever you can,” she said thinking she was helping the man out.

She took the original 400 dollar down payment and gave him the keys.

She said she would not give him the title or a bill of sale until he was paid off.

Three months later, he hadn’t made another payment, claimed the car was broken, but then tried to sell it himself.

“You know, I’d heard stories like this, but you know you kind of never think it would happen to you,” Ward said.

So she did what she wishes she had done in the first place and looked him up online.

“One quick Google search of his name would have revealed all of the information I would have needed to know about him.”

She found his address and criminal past.

“The parole absconding came up for the exact same thing, failure to pay,” she said.

Though Ward has the car back now, the damage is done.

“I guess he took what he wanted and then whatever he didn’t he just put back,” she said.

But this is a lesson she wants others to learn in an easier way.

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