Second Playground Fire under Investigation in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, AR — An investigation is underway after two local school playgrounds have been set on fire in less than 48 hours. 

The latest was at Geyer Springs Elementary on Sunday just before noon.

“You’re doing something terrible to our children, why are you doing something to affect our children?” asks neighbor Willie Hicks.

Hicks went to the Geyer Springs Elementary and says he didn’t have the luxury of the newly developed playground. Now, seeing it torched, and charred, is heart-wrenching.

“You see what the kids are doing, they are out here playing with each other doing something positive, enjoying themselves,” Hicks adds.

The first playground fire was reported Friday afternoon at Franklin Elementary. 

Officials say these two fires are no coincidence but were set on purpose.

“We do believe this was set intentionally. It’s an ongoing investigation by our arson department,” says Little Rock Fire Captain Edwin Woolf.

Neighbors say they are furious the people responsible are targeting spaces where kids come to have fun.

“Nobody wants to see a child get hurt, see a child injured, any of that, that’s heartbreaking,” says Neighbor Renae Robinson.

Firefighters are hoping Robinson’s mentality will encourage neighbors to work with officials to catch the arsonist.

“Somebody knows what’s going on here and any information you can give us will be helpful,” adds Capt. Woolf.

With less than two weeks before school starts, Hicks says he sympathizes with the students who will have their recess around melted memories and hopes whomever is doing this is caught.

“Out of all the things to do out here why would you affect our children?” asks Hicks again.

There were no reported injuries during these two separate fires.

Fire officials say they are counting on nearby surveillance video and people living in the neighborhood to help in this investigation.

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