Second Chance for Pit Bull Terriers in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, AR — An ordinance passes in Jacksonville tonight giving a breed of dog– banned in the city — a second chance.

Pit bull terriers have been banned in the city of Jacksonville since 2007. So when officers brought that breed of dog to the shelter, it would be euthanized unless the owner claimed it.

But after city council members passed a new law at their meeting tonight, that will change. If a pit bull terrier comes into the shelter, as long as it’s not aggressive, it’ll get to go to a rescue organization outside of the city.

The shelter’s director says this will save dozens of dogs every year that normally would never make it into a family’s home again.

Hedy Wuelling said, “It doesn’t matter what breed, any breed if you have to put it to sleep, it is getting to you.”

Since this passed, the city must now find a pit bull terrier rescue group that’s experienced to work with this particular breed. The animal shelter director told us that may be hard to come by, but she’s confident they’ll find the right match.

It’s important to note here, that while this ordinance did pass, it does not mean the breed is permitted in Jacksonville. There’s still a ban against pit bull terriers, which means you can not have them in city limits or adopt them from the shelter.

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