Searcy apartment residents say they need relief from the heat


SEARCY, Ark. — Several people who live in the Briarwood Apartment complex said they’ve been living without air conditioning this week.

The complex is located and Searcy and Friday they showed their current living conditions. 

With the heat the natural state has seen all week, coming home to no ac is difficult. We spoke to 8 people who said they have gone a without ac. 

“This is the only area that’s comfortable enough because of the breeze,” renter, Teasha Aguilar said. 

Aguilar shows what she’s been dealing with the last week. No air and she said her food going bad because of it. 

“I have one rented, but they do not keep this place cool enough,” Aguilar said.

She said she had to rent the ac units, and she has lupus so it makes it even harder to live like this.

“It’s almost 100 degrees out here, like that’s ridiculous you can’t live like this,” another tenant, Ricky Thomas said. 

Several people who live at Briarwood apartments had a similar situation and wanted to share their story. 

Thomas walked us through his apartment to show how hot it is inside and said his ac is still not running Friday. 

“It’s frustrating for the simple point you come home and it’s supposed to be your place of peace but you don’t have no peace because you don’t have no air,” Thomas said.

Thomas along with a few others said there’s a long list of issues with the apartment complex and how it’s run. They said enough is enough so they want to show everyone what they’re going through.

Thomas has a clear message for management.

“Y’all really need to improve these living standards for people,” Thomas said. 

Across the street from him, in another building, people who live their pointed out cut wires and missing meters.

“It’s hard for me right now, it’s been times where I’ve passed out,” resident, Lori Garrison said.

Garrison leaves her widow open in hopes to catch a breeze of cool air. Meanwhile people throughout the complex are pairing up in apartments because they said it’s easier to keep one unit cooler than multiple.

We called the leasing office and spoke to the landlord, we asked about his response to the claims tenants have and what they showed us.

“There welcome to put it in writing but the same people you are talking to, see if they’ve got receipts for May or June,” the landlord said. “It’s kinda hard to put an air conditioning unit if a person hasn’t paid you.”

When we tried to ask more questions, they hung up the phone.

Meanwhile the people we spoke to said they’ve paid their rent and now they’re not sure what to do.

“Do I have the money to move? No mam. Because of my health,” Aguilar said.

There were several other stories we didn’t get to share Friday but several others said they don’t have air conditioning either. The people we spoke to said they hope the work around the complex gets done here sooner than later.

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