LITTLE ROCK, Ark,.- Say hello to the wheels making some people look twice.

“People come up, take photos with it,” says Little Rock Police Sergeant Sean Ragan.

People are always asking, what is it?

Sergeant Ragan is patrolling the River Market in the department’s new mini police car.

“We can get more places in this than we can in a patrol car,” he says.

The mini cop car can drive nearly anywhere including the River Trail.

“It’s got lights, siren, airhorn, PA system, headlights, taillights, turn signals,” says Sergeant Ragan.

The new ride hit the streets in February. He’s made a couple traffic stops in it too.

Don’t worry, the mini car won’t be in any high-speed chases anytime soon.

“No, no, we have a maximum speed of 25,” says Sergeant Ragan.

The department will not only use the electric car in the River Market but major events as well.

Sergeant Ragan hopes it can serve as a community-building tool.

“I hope it would encourage people to come up and approach us and just talk to us — if this is a conversation starter between us and the community then it’s a start,” he says.

The mini car is getting a lot of smiles, even from fellow officers.

“This is so cute,” says one officer.

The mini car runs about $9,000. 

It’s so useful, the department has already purchased a second one. It’s in the process of being outfitted with lights, sirens and decals.