Same-Sex Couples Celebrate Supreme Court Ruling

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Same-sex couples all over the Natural State are celebrating the supreme court ruling gay couples to marry.

“I just figured we’d never get married,” said Lisa Smith.

Lisa and her partner Sandy Smith have been together for 13 years and married for two. The Arkansas couple had to travel to New York to recite their vows.

“We had to go so many thousands of miles away,” said Lisa.

When the Supreme Court ruled all states must allow same-sex marriage Friday, the newlyweds say they were overjoyed.

“Hee-haw! 100-percent happiness,” said Sandy.

At Sticky Fingerz in Little Rock, same-sex couples gathered to celebrate. In the crowd, LGBT leaders who’ve spent their lives fighting for equality.

“For so many years the LGBT community has been outcast and this really kind of helps solidify that we are moving forwards as a country and we want protections for all of our citizens,” said Human Right Campaign Field Organizer James Rector. 

Couples said the new law has given them rights to make vital decisions for their spouses.

“Now we can say, ‘I want her buried at a certain place’ and I have that say-so,” said Lisa.

As this pair watches other couples remove the worry of where their marriage can take place, community leaders said this is just one many victories they hope to come.

“We do have a lot more work to do. We can still show up to work and be fired for being gay and transgender. So we know working with our partners we have a lot of legislation we need to get passed to ensure those protections,” said Rector.

Leaders said they plan on holding a community meeting this September to determine goals for the next gathering of the Arkansas legislature — which is expected later this summer.

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