SHERWOOD, Ark  – Danette and Curt Lam Ho enjoy the freedom of rolling through life at their own pace. 

“We have plenty of time being retired,” says Danette.

Before joining the army, Curt painted professionally. 

“You might as well use a skill that you have to help people out. So we do this.”

It’s a task that would have been too overwhelming for disabled former sheriff’s deputy, Ben Majors.

“They’ve come in and painted my entire house, for free,” Majors tells KARK.

“If somebody was willing to pay us $50 an hour that wouldn’t be enough motivation. The motivation comes from a spirit of love,” says Danette.

Both retired from the military, the husband and wife team sometimes work 8 and 10 hour days.

“We just try to fill that gap,” says Danette.

They won’t put down the brush, until a job is done. 

“He just puts his head down and works,” says Majors.

“We just don’t expect any rewards and we’re kind of shy people anyway,” says Curt.

The Lam Ho’s didn’t ask for any attention

“Oh. Wow. Oh my goodness.”

But on October 11th they received it, when KARK and McDonald’s of Central Arkansas Paid it 4Ward with $250 in VISA gift cards. 

“This is overwhelming. This is very touching. Thank y’all so much,” Danette told the crowd.

At one time or another, the couple has painted for everyone in the group who came out to watch them receive the award. 

“They painted my house. They painted the entire church. They’re just the most unassuming humble people we’ve ever met.” says one friend.

The Lam Ho’s also cook breakfast for their fellow veterans every Veteran’s Day at their church Kellogg Valley Baptist Church in Sherwood.

“We feel convicted that the Lord wants us to share and do for others what we’ve been so lucky to enjoy,” says Danette.

The Lam Ho’s aren’t sure how they’ll use the money just yet. 

“I’m sure that there’s a reason and it will be put to good use,” says Danette.