Rescued Pit Bull Puts Paws to Patrol


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A rescued pit bull is being credited for stopping a home invasion in Hot Springs last week.

Alana Pierce says if you would have asked her three years ago if she would ever adopt a pittie pup, she would’ve said no, never. Now on her second pit bull rescue, all it took was a week before her new furry family member saved the day.

Because of his breed, most families were afraid to adopt the two year old pittie, but he was exactly what Alana was looking for: “We call him rollie Bolie!” she says. 

She found him on a Repeal BSL Law Facebook page in North Little Rock; he was sort of being shuffled around.

Bolie quickly assimilated into his new fur-ever family. “He cuddles up with the older pit-bull and is very playful with the German Shepherd and he gets on my four-year-olds nerves,” Alana says.  

Bolie wasn’t very vocal though – until, the middle of the night last Friday. 

“I heard two barks, and he had not barked in two weeks!” Alana recalls. 

It was the first time she had heard her new dog bark.

“It was that kind of bark, and he had stopped the man at the back door who had basically gotten to hand in.” she says. 

It was Bolie’s bark that scared the intruder off. 

“He dropped everything including his flashlight!” she says. 

Alana – a full-time firefighter – and her husband – an army sniper – had already installed security cameras. This was the fourth time in four years someone tried to break into their Hot Springs home.

“The first window that guy tried was my four-year-old son’s bedroom.” she says. 

The footage shows a man snooping around Alana’s home for 20 minutes, trying to open windows, doors and break into cars.

Alana says it is scary to think what could have happened if her new little rescue had not alerted them to such a serious threat.

“He’s a little hero.” she says, “I know pit bulls are not for everyone, and some people are scared of them, but at least give them a chance.  Three years ago I would not have given him a chance.”

The Hot Springs Police are investigating the break in. Officials say they believe they know who is responsible thanks to security footage and of course the help of Bolie. 

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