LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Registration has opened for the 2018 Little Rockers Kids Marathon Program.

It’s a fun, multi-week, running and walking program that children participate in through their schools, sports groups, church or at home with a parent/guardian.

Children run or walk their miles over a period of time, logging their progress.

After completing the first 25.2 miles of the marathon, each child has the option to take part in the Little Rockers Kids Marathon Final Mile on Saturday, March 3.

The event is part of race weekend that culminates in the running of the Little Rock Marathon.

The mission of the Little Rockers Kids Marathon is to give children in 1st thru 5th grades the opportunity to enhance their physical activity (by following a fun, simple running and/or walking program) while focusing on reaching a goal. The hope is to motivate children to commit to a physical routine, which will allow them to experience the overall benefits of achieving their goals, not only when they cross the finish line, but in life as well.

The Little Rock Marathon launched its children’s program in 2004. Since that time, more than 71,000 children across the country have taken part in the Little Rockers Kids Marathon Final Mile and free training program.

The Final Mile is an exciting special event held race weekend where children from around the country run to their finish, covering that final mile of the official Little Rock Marathon course. Participants get all the swag deserving of a marathoner including shirt, medal, and finisher’s treats. (Registration is required). Adults can accompany kids but for safety and security of the children, but they must also registered. The Final Mile is not required to get the benefits of the program.

There are two ways your child can be part of in the Little Rockers Kids Marathon Training Program and Final Mile. Through an Official Program or at home with adult supervision.

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