LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –  The latest drought monitor released Thursday morning shows very slight improvements following recent rainfall across Arkansas.

The last update, which only included rainfall data up to July 26, showed all of the state in some sort of drought situation. The most extreme rainfall deficits were found over the western and northern portions of the state.

Last week’s drought monitor (released July 28) included rainfall data up to July 26.

But improvements began when we saw widespread showers and storms over the weekend. Some of this rainfall came in large amounts, but in short periods of time. Therefore, a large amount of that rainfall didn’t soak into the ground. Instead, most of it drained away into rivers and streams.

Still, some of it did soak into the ground. So most areas that were once in an extreme drought are now only in a severe drought. Some of southeast Arkansas are no longer in a drought at all.

This week’s drought monitor (released August 4) includes rainfall data up to August 2.

Meteorologists with the Arkansas Storm Team have been tracking more widespread rain Thursday morning, most of which will benefit northern Arkansas. But into the weekend, rain chances are low. Our next chance for meaningful moisture appears to be early next week.

Stay with the Arkansas Storm Team for updates.