Rat Trap Catches Cat’s Paw


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– A Little Rock, neighborhood cat is recovering after a rat trap caused him to nearly lose his paw. 

A neighbor from the Kingswood neighborhood gave us photos of the feral cat that somehow managed to get his paw stuck in a rat trap. 

Neighbors said the white feline was running around Dalewood Road near Flakewood for about a week with a large metal clamp on its paw. 

It took a rescue giving neighbor Tony Fraterijo a different type of trap to safely rescue the cat. 

Fraterijo told us, “I’ve seen animals that have been wounded or hurt or things like that (and) that’s always kind of sad. I don’t know. Just to see a cat that an animal that you’re familiar with  like a neighborhood cat and all of a sudden it’s in a bad way and you can’t help it’s kind of sad.”

Neighbors told us the cat did lose a few toes but he did not lose his leg. 

People we talked with who live on the street all told us they think it was probably an accident and do not believe someone was out to hurt or to torture the cat. 

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