Protecting yourself from ‘Phishing’ scams


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In the past year, security breaches have increased by 11 percent. Some of those breaches happen through a scam called email phishing. Email phishing is when someone sends an email that appears to be from a company, but it is really an attempt to get your information.

“Recently, I’ve seen a lot of where they put a banner at the very top of the email saying this is from a trusted source. It’s not from a trusted source. Don’t trust anything in the email itself,” Citadel Systems Founder Chris Wright said.

Wright is a cyber security expert. He said often times there are some red flags on these type of emails. One example he referenced was if the email was pretending to be from your bank and it does not mention your name then it might be a scam.

“If you’re really a customer, they know your name, so they’re going to say notification for Christopher Wright or Notification for Citadel Systems. If they don’t know your name, that’s suspicious,” Wright said.

Wright also suggested the following tips:

  • Don’t trust anything in the email
  • Verify the information on your own.
  • Call the company to verify the information.
  • Go directly to the company’s website by typing it into the address bar instead of clicking on any links.

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