Post sparks debate about dogs in grocery stores


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A post on Nextdoor has got folks in a tizzy about the do’s and don’ts of bringing animals into public places. The conversation specifically zeroes in on dogs in a Hillcrest grocery store.

The post read “I keep seeing people bring dogs into the Beechwood Kroger. Why are they permitted to do this?

“It really doesn’t matter to me if people want to bring their dog,” says Aaron Sarlow who lives in the area.

It’s a seemingly simple question that sparked a big debate. One person responded talking about their experience at a different Little Rock Kroger saying, “I questioned the manager about a woman carrying her dog around in the store. She was letting the dog smell and lick produce that she then replaced.

“If its getting into the food that other people are going to buy that’s getting kind of gross,” says Jill Elberson, who lives in Hillcrest.

According to Kroger, no animals are allowed in the store unless they are service animals. A manager at the Beechewood store says it’s a touchy subject, because they have no way of knowing whether it’s a service animal or not. If someone tells them it is, she says they can’t question it. She also says they’re lenient at that location because they have many customers who walk there.

According to the state health department service animals and law enforcement dogs are allowed in the store as long as a health or safety hazard will not occur, otherwise animals are prohibited.

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