LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, doubled down on her promise to reform the Arkansas education system Thursday.

At Empower Education Day at the state capitol, Sanders addressed a crowd from a group called Americans for Prosperity who gathered to encourage lawmakers to support the governor’s plan for education freedom.

During her remarks, Sanders said the work to change the Natural State’s education system is already underway and reiterated that empowering parents and providing more freedom of choice is her top goal.

“The problems that we have here in education did not start yesterday and they will not be fixed overnight, but we will get to work right now to help fix the shortfalls we see in our state,” Sanders proclaimed.

Sanders added that some of her focuses for this term include literacy, parental empowerment and resources for educators, including a pay raise.

The governor also issued a new executive order Thursday pledging to “streamline” the education funding process.