LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed an executive order Tuesday to increase the state’s profile as an outdoor tourism destination.

The order created the Natural State Initiative and Natural State Advisory Council. First Gentleman Bryan Sanders will oversee the council.

An avid outdoorsman, Bryan Sanders assumes the volunteer role as the council’s head to champion the state’s natural assets. Other council members will be recruited from those interested in Arkansas outdoor recreation.

The council will coordinate with state departments to promote outdoor business, facilities and opportunities. Its yearly report to the governor will include recommendations and advice for outdoor tourism growth.

The First Gentleman sees his role as council head as an opportunity to support the outdoors and bring new residents to the state.

“I think really establishing ourselves as a leader in outdoor recreation, improving quality of life, access to outdoor recreation here will not only help to retain talent here but recruit talent to the state,” Bryan Sanders said.

The governor and first gentlemen said that while the initiative looks to increase outdoor recreation and access, it will do so responsibly with conservation in mind.