LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders appointed a new name to her cabinet in hopes of improving workforce quality in the state.

The governor spoke at the Saline County Career & Technical Campus, announcing Mike Rogers to be the first Chief Workforce Officer.

Rogers will work with Arkansas companies to train young workers and develop technical education. He said he had some ideas to get started.

“I let the governor know, I wouldn’t have gone to work for just anybody.  I needed radical support, radical views, and to take some of the good things that’s already happening in the state and make them better,” Rogers said. “I don’t want to follow other states, I want to make something custom and unique for Arkansas.”

Rogers said students should know there are options for careers that can be found through skilled training, not just college. He also said he wanted to make finding a job for people who have been incarcerated.