WASHINGTON – Calls flooded into congressional offices on Wednesday, the day after President Donald Trump urged Americans to call their elected officials and urge them to support his fight for a border wall. 

We checked in on offices for senators and congressmen from Arkansas and Tennessee to see the impact it’s having.

At times the calls came in one after another — from constituents eager to weigh in on the president’s fight for a border wall and the resulting government shutdown that’s nearing its third week. 

“Call Congress and tell them to finally, after all these decades, to secure our border,” the president urged in his Tuesday night address to the nation. 

In the office of Tennessee Republican Congressman Phil Roe — staffers say the number of calls Wednesday soared. 

Rep. Roe supports President Trump on his wall push and says he saw the need firsthand during a trip to the border last summer. 

“We have drug introduction. We have sexual trafficking. We have human trafficking,” says Rep. Roe.

Phone lines for Arkansas Republican U. S. Senator Tom Cotton were jam-packed as well. His staff says most of the questions centered on the government shutdown. 

But in the office of Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen it was a different story.

“We didn’t get a single call here in the office last night and we got very few here today,” says Rep. Cohen. 

Instead, Cohen says much of the concern he’s hearing comes from those feeling the pain of government gridlock. 

“None of them and no one I’ve seen in government has said that they want to give up their paycheck for the wall,” he adds. 

Friday is payday for federal workers. With no deal in sight to reopen the government or build the wall, lawmakers could be hearing a lot more from their constituents.