Little Rock, Ark. – Citizens for Arkansas Public Education and Students continued their work to repeal the LEARNS Act.

Saturday, the group stood outside of the Robinson Theatre to encourage teachers to sign their petition.

Volunteers with CAPES were granted permission to start a petition by the Attorney General, and they need over 54,000 signatures.

Veronica McClane and teachers said this allows people who it directly affects to have a choice. 

“We want people to be able to look fully at everything that is in the learns act and understand that we can do better for our public-school children and our communities,” CAPES volunteer Veronica McClane said. 

“It doesn’t matter what side of the political lines you stand, it’s all about educating yourself. make sure you read that fine print, read what it’s about and then educate yourself further,” teacher, Heather Bettinardi said. 

They will need signatures in at least 50 counties by July 31st. 

McClane said if the emergency clause is declared unconstitutional, and they get enough signatures, the LEARNS Act won’t go into effect until the people vote.

If the emergency clause remains in place, then the LEARNS Act is in place until the people vote. 

That will be determined in court this next week.