LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It was a packed house Wednesday at the State Capitol as teachers across the state came together to show support for Arkansas schools.

Legislators have said in recent weeks that one of the main focuses of the current session is education, with many teachers attending saying that they fear what that could mean.

Many teachers filled the senate education committee meeting Wednesday morning, with attendees overflowing into the halls.

Their focus, they say, is mainly on the education reform package recently proposed by Gov. Sarah Sanders, called the LEARNS Act

“This LEARNS bill, that we’ve come here today to at least have a little bit of a voice in, it’s like taking medicine that the sick need and giving it to the healthy while the sick beg for help,” teacher Debin Tubbs said.

“We would like a chance to have our voices heard about what we agree with and what we don’t agree with and give them solutions,” special education teacher Rachel Whitten stated.

A handful of Republican lawmakers met with the teachers to discuss those concerns and how Sanders would address them.

That legislation still has not been proposed and is awaiting final approval.