LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Tuesday came with new government numbers, and report, showing inflation had slowed in the United States. President Biden characterized the report as good news.

In the report, consumer prices surged 8.3% from this time a year ago, despite gas prices making a steady decline as global demand lessens. The Tuesday report indicated inflation is slowing, generally due to gas prices dropping as demand decreases.

Arkansas lawmakers took issue with Biden’s statement.

President Biden held a press conference celebrating inflation’s slowing. Not everyone agreed with a celebration.

Sen. John Boozman took to Twitter to decry the Biden administration’s role in the economy.

“Pres. Biden and Democrats in Congress continue to pile on more reckless taxing and spending, even as inflation continues to wipe out Americans’ disposable income. Their priority isn’t to provide relief to those struggling – it’s to push a radical agenda.”

Sen. John Boozman

Also on Twitter, Rep. French Hill pointed out that the latest numbers were no reason for celebration.

“A celebration? Over the past year: Food at home is up 13.5% – largest since 1979 Electricity up 15.8% – largest since 1981 Rent up 6.7% – largest since 1986 The American people can’t afford a celebration over a bill that will do little to nothing to combat inflation.”

Rep. French Hill

Rep. Steve Womack spoke directly to Biden’s announcement.

“POTUS [President of the United States] is hosting an event praising his latest inflationary spending spree today. They’re celebrating: Inflation surging 8.3% over last year. Food prices spiking 13.5%—largest 1-yr increase since 1979. Real wages decreasing for 17 months. This reality is no win for Americans.”

Rep. Steve Womack

Rep. Rick Crawford spoke to the statistics behind the inflation numbers.

“Bidenflation continues to roar, with prices rising at rates not seen in 40 years, since a show called Fantasy Island ruled the TV ratings. But now the White House grounds are Fantasy Island, a place where trillions of taxpayer dollars are spent without a moment’s thought, and their latest inflationary idea was to make fire fighters and nurses pay off the college loans of doctors and lawyers. 

Americans continue to grow poorer under Biden, as prices increase faster than wages, and average weekly hours worked inch lower, putting economic security out of reach for even more families. 

The new Congress that will take office in January must make Job One shutting down the Biden inflation machine, and ending Bidenomics for the rest of his presidency.”

Rep. Rick Crawford

The DOW seemed to agree with the GOP lawmaker’s take, falling over 1,200 points in Tuesday’s trading.