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Arkansas delegation sounds off on new OSHA vaccine mandate rules


The U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. (August 2019)

January 01 2022 12:00 am

WASHINGTON – Arkansas lawmakers have already stepped forward in opposition after federal officials rolled out new employer vaccine mandate rules Thursday.

The newly released rules would impact an estimated 100 million workers across the country, with private sector companies with more than 100 employees required to have all employees vaccinated by January 4 or tested weekly for the COVID-19 virus.

Health care workers treating patients whose care is paid for by Medicaid or Medicare will be required to vaccinate by the deadline with no testing options, and federal contractors are also required to take the vaccine.

Senior Arkansas Senator John Boozman was quick to take to social media with a response.

“This vaccine mandate is clearly government overreach and will also be counterproductive,” Sen. John Boozman said in a post on Twitter. “I’m proud to join my colleagues in support of a Congressional Review Act resolution to block OSHA from implementing it and nullify the Biden mandate.”

Arkansas congressmen also chimed in with their thoughts on the new federal mandate,

“Employers already have a key responsibility to offer a safe and productive workplace. They should have maximum flexibility in working with their employees to achieve successful strategies to cope with COVID 19, and that’s why I’m strongly opposed to President Biden’s egregious federal overreach mandating vaccines,” Rep. French Hill said in a statement. “I have long encouraged Arkansans to speak to their doctor about the vaccine and make the best medical decision for themselves, and Biden’s mandate takes that decision-making power away from Americans.”

Representative Steve Womack took also outlined his actions to stop the mandate.

“This isn’t about health and safety; it’s about government control. While President Biden contradicts his original stance and forces vaccine mandates on private business, he’s simultaneously flying untested and unvaccinated illegal migrants around the country,” Rep. Steve Womack stated on social media. “So American citizens can lose their jobs, but those breaking our laws can do what they want? I support vaccinations, but this move is a complete federal overreach and likely unconstitutional.”

More actions are expected over the coming days in Arkansas and among other states opposing the new rules.

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