LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Members of the Arkansas delegation were quick to share their opposition after the U.S. House of Representatives passed President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act Friday.

The $1.7 trillion package will include programs supporters say will help Americans with childcare assistance, lower prescription drug costs for seniors and more. The Biden administration contended that the bill will be funded by tax increases in the wealthy and big corporations.

The bill narrowly passed the House in a 220-213 vote, with only one Democrat voting against the measure. The entire GOP caucus, including all four representatives from Arkansas, opposed the bill.

Rep. French Hill (AR-02) released a statement following the vote, saying that the Democrats’ decision will result in more inflation and higher prices for the American people.

“This official price tag has confirmed what Republicans have been saying for months – that the Democrats’ agenda is not fully paid for. The Democrats’ solution to everything is to spend, spend, spend, but central Arkansans are smarter than that, and know that spending more money will result in more inflation and higher prices for food, gas, and utilities. Democrats’ irresponsible and dangerous spending – a trillion here and a trillion there – will only further compound the problems facing Arkansas families now and into the future.”

Calling the plan “Build Back Broke,” Rep. Steve Womack (AR-3) stated that every notion of the Democrats’ agenda has been proven false and that the plan would “radically expands government and skyrockets deficits.”

“Every aspect of the Democrat agenda has stood in stark contrast with reality. Think about it. They said they want unity, inflation is temporary, the border crisis is seasonal, there would be no federal vaccine mandate, Americans weren’t left behind in Afghanistan, and the so-called ‘Build Back Better’ bill costs zero. Every notion has been proven false. Their dubious claims on this monstrosity are no different. It radically expands government and skyrockets deficits. High inflation will be made worse to allow tax cuts for millionaires, mass amnesty, electric car rebates for liberal elites, a massive IRS expansion, and things like ‘tree equity.’ They are willing to mortgage the livelihoods of middle-class Americans—and futures of our children and grandchildren—to fulfill their socialist vision.”

In his statement, Rep. Bruce Westerman (AR-04) claimed the passage of the bill was “a black mark and a sad day for the American people,” adding that the government will suffer from spending money to create programs that he said the country does not need or want.

“Today, Democrats in the House of Representatives passed President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill designed to remake America in their image, giving the government control of American lives from the cradle to the grave,” said Congressman Westerman. “The last-minute Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score estimates this bill will increase the deficit by over $350 billion, but even more damaging are the threats to the foundations of our freedom by this bill’s radical leftist policies. Joe Biden may consider this bill the hallmark of his presidency, but I consider it a black mark and a sad day for the American people. This bill will result in government intrusion, more taxes, higher prices, empty shelves, and wasted opportunities. Democrats are choosing to ignore the CBO’s score, spending money we do not have to create programs the American people do not want, much less need.”

Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-01) said he thought the “budget boosting boondoggle” would lead to increases in the cost of food and fuel, adding that, “working families feel America is headed in the wrong direction.”

“The passage of this budget busting boondoggle means higher prices at the pump and supermarket, ugly utility bills this winter, and half a trillion dollars thrown at Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal, even as working families feel America is headed in the wrong direction. Congressional Democrats’ fear of Nancy Pelosi clearly outweighs their concern for their own constituents. Biden and Harris promised us quiet competence, but have only delivered failure, socialism, and a weaker America.”

The bill now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to face near-unanimous opposition from Republicans.

In a post to social media, Sen. John Boozman contended the plan would hurt the post-pandemic economic recovery instead of “helping fix the supply chain.”

The House passed its latest version of Democrats’ cradle-to-grave, tax-and-spend agenda. Instead of helping fix the supply chain and bring down the cost of living, it will fuel more inflation, deliver bigger and more expansive government, raise taxes, and hurt our recovery.

As of the publishing of this story, Sen. Tom Cotton had not released a statement on the passage of the bill in the House, but Cotton had voiced his opposition to it earlier, saying the plan “would do nothing to address inflation and other issues our country is facing—it would only make these issues worse.”