LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin says he believes the owners of an embattled Little Rock apartment are failing their tenants and wants someone else to take over the property

Griffin announced Wednesday that he filed an emergency petition in Pulaski County Circuit Court to have the court appoint a receiver for Big Country Chateau.

“Big Country Chateau’s owners aren’t paying their bills, so we’re asking the court to appoint someone who will. My motion also asks the court to freeze the assets of the owners of Big Country Chateau and obtain an accounting of the rents collected and how that money is being spent,” Griffin said in a statement.

The motion comes after tenants of the apartment opened their doors last week to find a notices from Entergy and Central Arkansas Water that said both their power and water were to be shut off, citing that the landlords of Big Country Chateau had not paid their utilities bills.

“These companies need to act immediately to remedy their conduct, make much-needed repairs and pay utilities. The tenants are doing their part by paying their rent while the owners break the law,” Griffin also said in the statement.

A receiver is an individual appointed by the court that would, in this case, pay the utility bills and make necessary repairs for the owners of Big Country Chateau Apartments with the owner’s money.

According to Griffin’s statement, if the court grants the motion, the defendants will have three days to submit the name of a mutually agreed-upon receiver or give the court a list of names.