LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The state of Ohio passed an issue Tuesday night to enshrine abortion access into the state’s constitution.

It’s an issue that’s been followed across the country over the last year as abortion access has been up to individual states, following the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

According to Americans United for Life, Arkansas is the most pro-life state in the nation.

Jerry Cox, President of Arkansas Family Council, said it falls on the pro-life community to step up in times like these, both in Ohio and around the nation.

“What I think we have to guard against here in Arkansas is lots of money coming in from out of state with a load of deceptive advertising that says, ‘Well this is just about reproductive freedom it’s not about abortion’ and all those buzzwords that confuse people,” Cox said. “I think it’s incumbent on us and the pro-life community to make the message very clear that we are pro-woman and abortion preys on women.”

Cox said he and those in the community are working to make sure people understand what it means to be pro-life.

State Rep. Ashley Hudson (D-Little Rock) acknowledged that while in Arkansas it is harder for an issue like this to get on the ballot, it is not totally off the table. She said she is working harder now to talk with her constituents to determine where they stand on this issue and how to represent them in the legislature.

She added that she feels the vote on Ohio shows that a lot more people support abortion access, especially when the issue is written cleanly and simply like she felt it was in Ohio.