HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – According to family and police a woman stabbed four times in the back and twice in the chest was saved by her own son and nephew.
The stabbing happened Thursday (2/2) evening in Hot Springs at the 200 block of Illinois Street.
Hot Springs Police arrested the suspect, the woman’s ex-husband, a block away.
Rochelle Henderson’s family says she’s lucky they got to her when they did.
According to Hot Springs Police, she suspected someone was in her house. When her son and nephew checked it out they realized someone had broken into her bedroom. 
When they tried to get her out and leave, Rochelle’s ex-husband, Tony Henderson, 46, chased them out of the house.
“She could be dead,” Tyquince White suggested. “I just thank God she aint dead though.”
White knows he and his aunt’s son likely saved her life after they say Henderson had waited for her inside her home. 
Rochelle’s son Na’Anthony says his father, “was waiting in the closet. He had a knife and he chased me and my cousin and my momma outside.”
Na’Anthony says his father got out of prison five months ago after serving more than ten years for shooting his mother in the arm once before.
Hot Springs Police say Tony caught Rochelle outside and began stabbing his ex-wife six times before Tyquince and Na’Anthony could stop him.
“[I was] Beating him in his head and stuff saying let go of my mama. Leave my mama alone,” Na’Anthony shared. 
He had his own father in a choke hold, allowing his mom to get free and drive herself to the hospital.
She returned home Friday morning and will recover.
Now, Henderson’s own son is left hoping his father never gets back out of jail. 
“I hope he don’t ever get out cause if you did that to your own kid’s mother then what?” Na’Anthony wondered. “He’ll probably do something else to somebody else.”
Henderson remains in Garland County jail facing charges of  2nd degree domestic battery and aggravated residential burglary.
He’s being held on no bond, having been out on parole and probation.