Police to enforce lawn ordinance in Bald Knob


BALD KNOB, Ark.- An old ordinance is getting new attention in Bald Knob.

Police officers are going to start handing out tickets for lawns that aren’t cut.

Bald Knob mayor Barth Grayson says they’re trying to attract new businesses to the city. He says “all roads lead to Bald Knob” so it’s important to keep the town looking neat.

“It’s time for everybody to clean their yard up,” says Grayson.

Mayor Grayson says he’s recently changed the way the grass length ordinance is being enforced.

“Our police department [has] just been a little bit reserved about writing the tickets but I gave the order last Thursday that they were going to start doing it,” says Grayson.

He adds that they have already identified about 100 properties in town with overgrown yards.

Harrison J. Riddle says he supports the mayor’s action.

“I think it’s a good idea if they will enforce it,” says Riddle, who spends much of his time in the yard.

“I keep it mowed all the time,” says Riddle. “I mow it at least once or twice a week.”

Grayson calls it a serious issue that’s gone to the wayside for too long and he says many of those out of compliance have already been warned.

“If they don’t respond [to the warning], that’s when the ticket comes in,” says Grayson.

Mayor Grayson adds that if there is anyone in town who is sick, elderly or has some other reason why they are unable to get their yard cleaned up to call the city and explain the situation.

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