Police search for truck in hit and run that injured kids 


CLARKSVILLE, Ark. – Police are looking for the driver who caused an accident that seriously injured kids. It happened Friday evening around 8:00 in Clarksville at Crawford Street and Oakland Street.

There is a sign that lets drivers know that is a dangerous intersection. 

There are ruts in the ditch that was left from that accident. Clarksville police say a truck hit a car there.

Three people, including children, were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Police say the truck that caused the wreck and left the scene. It’s a lifted black Chevy pickup truck.

“I think I’ve seen it go down that same road past the feed mill,” Dustin Guthrie said. 

Guthrie, who lives in the area, says that stretch of road is bad and there have been accidents before.

“It’s a straight stretch and there isn’t any lights through there. People are in a rush trying to get to school in the morning and in the afternoon they are leaving school,” Guthrie said. 

Others say they have found themselves nearly getting hit at this intersection too.

“I see people getting out and taking out right in front of you, pulling out in front of you, and there is speeding that goes on down there,” Steven Johnson said. 

Regardless, Guthrie say there is no excuse for leaving an accident. He hopes police find the person responsible.

“I wouldn’t go to sleep until I found out who it was, if it was my kids,” Guthrie said. 

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