DANVILLE, Ark. – Two people are in custody and facing charges in connection to vandalism of a concession stand and newly remodeled restrooms in Danville.

According to Danville Police Department Chief Rick Padgett, the vandals caused major damage to a concession stand and newly remodeled restrooms at the AD Morris City Park, “after the city of Danville devoted your tax dollars to improvements.”

In photos released by the department on socials media, glass windows of the concession stand and a bathroom mirror appeared smashed, trash was strewn across the restroom and a trash can was placed in a toilet.

The department also said there would be a cash reward for information that led to an arrest.

Police noted that they identified the first juvenile as a suspect after many tips from individuals on the initial social media post, and that the suspect was arrested after officers obtained a confession.

A second arrest was later made in connection with the vandalism, according to the department’s social media accounts, with that suspect also being a juvenile.

Both juveniles are being held at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center in Danville and are facing charges of first-degree criminal mischief.

“I sincerely appreciate the public’s willingness to help seek justice and punish those involved,” Padget said, noting the department will “seek prosecution and restitution on these individuals.”