Police departments can partner with Amazon’s Ring surveillance cameras


SHERWOOD, Ark. — Marty Hyde knows the minute someone walks up to his door, thanks to his Ring devices.

“I was looking up everything and I was a little hesitant at first, but then I was sold!” he said.

For three years now he hasn’t regretted his purchase, knowing he’s protecting not only his own property, but his Sherwood neighbors as well.

“That’s a good thing for our community,” Hyde said.

It’s also good for the local police department since the videos are uploaded to the Ring Neighbors app.

“This Ring Neighbors app, you set your own radius and you can see all the videos that go out,” Angie Manek, a Ring Master said.

She sells the devices and donates the proceeds back to Sherwood Police Department.

“[Police] will see the scrolling feed just like you or I would see the scrolling feed, and if they have it on their phone, they’ll get the same alert that we get,” Manek explained.

If your camera spots something suspicious, you can save this video and then send it to your neighbors either through the Neighbors app, through social media accounts, or texts and emails.

But for about 225 law enforcement agencies around the country, they’ve gone an extra step and partnered with Amazon which owns Ring.

It gives them access to a portal that allows them to request video from members who live near where a crime happened.

“I would say in this town they don’t have to ask Amazon. Ninety percent of the people are going to send it to them within minutes after it occurs!” Hyde said.

The portal can even tell police if a Ring camera recorded anything during a particular time.

“If they’re requesting it, they’re requesting it for a reason,” Hyde said.

“It doesn’t bother me in the least bit.”

Potentially helping solve crimes faster, even if your privacy is put to question.

So far, we’ve learned Little Rock Police Department is planning to partner with Ring but it hasn’t launched yet.

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