PCSSD elementary school principal, friend shot during Facebook sale scam


Matthew Mellor
Photo Courtesy: Lawson Elementary website

PINE BLUFF, Ark.- A Pulaski County Special School District elementary principal and his friend are recovering after being shot in a Facebook sale turned scam in Pine Bluff Sunday.

The family of Matthew Mellor, who’s the principal at Lawson Elementary, say he was shot twice but is out of surgery and recovering in the hospital ICU.

Mellor’s friend, Dennis Bradley, was shot in his hand and is out of the hospital. Bradley says the exchange gone bad happened behind the Car-Mart off of 5th Avenue.

Bradley told police that he had been speaking with a man he didn’t know on Facebook in the Marketplace about a Corvette for sale.

“Thought I was getting a good deal,” Bradley said. “The gentleman told me has going into the military and that’s why he was selling his car.”

According to Bradley, the seller then texted an address on the 4200 block of W. 5th Avenue around 5:30 Sunday evening. Bradley told police after he drove by and didn’t see the seller or a car, he received a text with a second address on the 4200 block of W. 4th Avenue.

Bradley says the seller then got into the back seat of his Jeep, and told them to drive to the area of 5th and Oleander, behind Car-Mart because an uncle was there with the car.

Bradley says once they arrived, the man got out of the car.

“Next thing I hear is, ‘give me the money.’ I look over to the right a little to see he had his gun pointed directly at my head,” Bradley said.

Bradley has a concealed carry license and happened to be carrying, but says he never had a chance to fire.

“Instead of bringing out a wad of cash I brought out my pistol and I tried to fire,” Bradley said. “I couldn’t fire because he fired first and shot me through my hand.”

According to the Bradley the seller fired multiple rounds and ran away.

Police say the original Facebook post is gone and officers think the man used a fake name and a burner phone.

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