This week, KARK and McDonald’s of Central Arkansas visit a Pulaski County park to honor one of McAlmont’s best working every day to make his community better.

Andre Hollins can’t pass the McAlmont Community Park, without stopping to play with his son.

“We come here every day,” says Andre Hollins.

It’s 5 year-old Andre Junior’s favorite part of the day.

“You having fun,” Hollins asks. “Yeah!” Hollin’s Jr. replies.

There’s no one who takes more pride in the Pulaski County park, than Donnie Cross.

“When I was a kid, we didn’t have a park like this,” Cross tells KARK.

It’s the children who drive him to do good each day.

“Young people need a place to play safe.”

Cross credits the parks founder, the late Gloria T. Ashley for teaching him how to give back.

“For being a quiet person, for me it was always being adventurous.”

From cutting the grass to cleaning up, Cross never complains.

“He just does everything so naturally and lovingly and with compassion,” says his sister Ceviesa Rowe.

Nearly 20 years of hard work and sacrifice paid off when KARK and Ronald McDonald showed up and Paid it 4Ward.

“Thank you. We will put this to good use,” says Cross.

Cross believes everyone in the community has a responsibility to give back, so the next generation of Hollins can play here too.

“I just hope that someone in our community sees this and they might want to help.”

Cross is member of the group called Community Voices of McAlmont.

Besides maintaining the park, they also work to preserve the 15 acre Hickman New Dora Cemetery where many prominent members of the community are buried.

 Right now they’re trying to raise money to buildsoftball park. 

For more information or to volunteer, call (501) 241-9087 or email