“He’s really one of the most consistent people I know in terms of just living out their mission.”

Consistent, compassionate, and humble is how John Harrison’s colleagues describe him.

A 25-year career with Caterpillar took Harrison and his family all over the world and most recently to central Arkansas where he led the company’s North Little Rock plant.

“Statistics will tell you about seventy people don’t like their jobs. They’re disengaged,” Harrison says.

That’s what prompted Harrison to trade a successful corporate life to focus on helping people find their passion.

“You can get sad about not having your dream job, or you can have a totally different perspective of your current job and make it your dream job by the way you treat people and the legacy you leave behind.”

In 2011, Harrison started his own consulting business, though he sees himself as more of a trusted advisor. He teaches clients whether they’re a CEO or an hourly employee how to lead with the VIP2 philosophy, which stands for values-driven, informed and passionate people.

“He talks to you at a level anyone can understand or anybody can lead with,” client Kathy Flores tells KARK.

Under Harrison’s guidance, Flores has seen her work environment at Dassault Falcon Jet transform.

“In three years our department has done an absolutely 360-degree turn with his leadership.”

Breanna Wells was working almost 80 hours a week when she met Harrison at his leadership training program at the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.

I’d been to several of those before, and I thought oh another one of these.

But Wells says this program was different.

“I think that’s what sets him apart from other people is his passion just exudes,” Wells says.

“He’s always concerned about someone who maybe overlooked or under appreciated,” Mosaic Church Pastor Harry Li says.

Harrison’s compassion for his clients and co-workers also extends to the community.

“Like somebody who just walks in off the street needs a cup of coffee at his church. I see him doing that at his house. Just where ever he is, he’s just living this out,” Li says.

With a convoy of his closest friends and employees in on the secret KARK and McDonalds of Central Arkansas surprised Harrison and Paid it 4Ward with a $250 VISA gift card.

“I am blown away by this,” says Harrison.

If you’re interested in attending one of Harrison’s leadership classes, contact the Little Rock Chamber.