Parts of the Arkansas River Trail Closing, new route available


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- If you are a frequent traveler on the Arkansas River Trail, get ready for a new route.

Starting Tuesday, construction begins on the North Little Rock side of the trail, so everyone will be re-routed on a different path.

“It’s dangerous in some areas here,” said Terry Hartwick, Director of Parks NLR.

The trail has taken a beating since last years’ flooding.

“It’s not just a one-day thing we’ve been going through, we’ve been going through this since May and June,” said Hartwick.

Terry Hartwick, the Director of Parks said the damage is still getting worse.

“It’s dangerous in some areas out especially if it gets a little dark here at night and bikers keep coming by, they get a little too far to the left they can be in the river,” said Hartwick.

We caught up with biker David Moix, who didn’t know how risky the path had gotten.

“It wasn’t this pronounced, its become more dangerous since I’ve been down here,” said David Moix, Biker.

Moix is talking about this part of the trail pictured below.

Its getting more hazardous each day, as pieces are being pulled into the river.

“It’s a straight drop off, it’s not a slant no more,” said Hartwick.

Hartwick is all too familiar with just how unsafe this spot can be.

“If you look you’ll see where it actually chipped off where I was standing and I was gone. I just started grabbing and someone jumped in right behind me and grabbed my jacket and helped me up or I was in the river,” said Hartwick.

Which brings the need for repairs.

Starting Tuesday, the path highlighted in red (below) will be closed for at least four weeks.

Hartwick said the project will cost about $600,000 dollars.

“It’s going to be expensive to fix but you know, there are so many people down here its worth the effort,” said Moix.

“We are going to make it safer, better than it was before, that’s the key,” said Hartwick.

The Big Dam Bridge will also be getting some repairs but that is coming at a later date.

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