Parks and Rec working with FEMA to repair flood-damaged areas


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Parks and Rec crews were out shoveling, washing and clearing nearly three inches of dirt off the wetlands boardwalk in Little Rock.

The elevated boardwalk has been a signature part to the surrounding swampy area.

Mark Webre, Deputy Director of Operations for Little Rock Parks and Recreation says the wooden structure may no longer be usable for future use because of the amount of water.

Recently, FEMA arrived in Little Rock and has already raised solutions and ideas of what they could do better for the future.

“Now that they are in town were going to seeing what we can do to be more resilient to these floodwaters next time they hit us,” explains Webre. “Maybe we can make some better improvements that will help be able to sustain those loses.”

The wetlands boardwalk has been used for years as an educational tool to help both locals and visitors learn about the importance of wetlands through a self-guided trail.

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